Uniform Sisters is a full service outfitter and uniform supplier to all sectors including Government, Business Services, Medical, Hospitality, Sport and Trade. We have a mobile showroom and are located on the Sunshine Coast, Qld and in addition to servicing the key Sunshine Coast areas linked by Gympie, Noosa, Maroochydore and Caloundra, we supply to all SE Qld areas including Brisbane, Gold Coast, Toowoomba.

Our Service Plan is tailored specifically to meet the needs of all client needs and budgets. We will organise a uniform consultation and showing at your Business premises with our uniform range.

  • Uniform Sisters will assist Your Business in developing your Corporate Uniform wardrobe
  • Uniform Sisters will come to Your Business with a full range of Uniforms
  • Uniform Sisters will organise Your Business and personally size all staff
  • Uniform Sisters will organise Your Business logo to be embroidered on all Uniforms
  • Uniform Sisters will individually package each staff member’s order, ready to be handed directly to the staff member
  • Uniform Sisters will deliver to Your Business’s front door the finished product
  • Uniform Sisters will assist in the tracking of Staff uniform allowances if required

We supply Shirts, Pants, Shorts, Polo’s, Singlets, Belts, Scarves, Suiting, Jumpers, Vests, Jackets, Scrubs & Hats from popular and quality brands such as City Collection, Bongardi, Lee St John, King Gee, Biz Collection, Biz Corporates, Gloweave, Stencil, JB’s Wear, Buckle and many others.

In addition to the supply of Uniform Garments available ‘off the rack’, we can purpose design, manufacture and fit uniforms to your specific look and feel, and supply in large quantities. As you would expect from a ‘Full Service Outfitter’ we are capable of managing every stage of your Uniform Journey including the co-ordination of staff fittings, garment alterations, embroidery and screen printing if and as required.

At Uniforms Sisters we know uniforms are not simply items of clothing, they can have a measurable visual impact on your professionalism, connect your customers and staff to your brand image, enhance the team connection among your staff, all leading to better business and the potential positive impact on business profits.

Uniform Sisters – “Looking Good and Feeling Great”!